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DIRECTOR: Ralph Ziman
PRODUCERS: Ralph Ziman / Tendeka Matatu


Rapulana Sepheimo, Ronnie Nyakale,
Shelly Meskin, Jeffrey Sekele, Robert Hobbs

A new film by acclaimed South African filmmaker Ralph Ziman (The Zookeeper). In the tradition of City of God and Goodfellas, Jerusalema takes an unwavering and blisteringly stylised look into the crime, corruption, and transgressions of the new South Africa. If you're going to steal, steal big and hope like hell you get away with it.

This is what is happening on the streets today.
Welcome to the new Jerusalem. Enter with caution.

All LUCKY KUNENE ever wanted was a BMW seven series, a house with a view of the sea and to marry a smart, educated and beautiful woman. But, coming from a poor home in Soweto with a big family to feed and a grant denial from Wits University, the odds are stacked against him. A life as a minimum wage employee working at some petrol station is all that awaits him. That's no life to lead, especially for someone as ambitious as Lucky. So, he does what any desperate and helpless boy from the township would, he gets into the automotive industry 'procuring' cars with his best friend ZAKES MBOLELO. One hijacking after another and the money's rolling in.

A Datsun Bakkie gets him a suit. A Toyota a new fridge. A Mazda equals a hi-fi. A VCR, a sofa and a Mercedes scores him a new wardrobe! Soon NAZARETH MBOLELO, a Marxist with a vendetta against the old regime, ropes Lucky and Zakes into armed robbery but it soon becomes one too many and with the police snapping at their heels, Lucky and Zakes decide to make a clean break of it, they move to Hillbrow, a suburb of Johannesburg to start a new life, but their past soon catches up with them.


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119 Mins