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Unresolved events one stormy night will change the lives of seven people forever until years later circumstances force an explosive revelation.

Caroline Sax

Chantelle de Carvalho, Mark Vennis

Caroline Sax

Past Imperfect is a vivid, surprising and funny exploration of family dysfunction and contemporary relationships.

The Villiers family is in crisis...

Max Villiers has reached an all-time low. His son Freddie died tragically in mysterious circumstances exactly ten years ago. His surviving daughter, Anna, is out busy saving the world and refuses to contact him. Max is worried about her safety but does not know how to contact her. Hiding behind his quick wit, his best friend and consumed by guilt, Max realises he must do something drastic to put his family back on track.

His wife Harriet has a form of amnesia and has never acknowledged the death of their son. The subject is taboo. Doctors warned Max it would take time but desperate times need desperate measures... He wants to reignite his relationship with Harriet, he needs to find Anna again and above all he needs to resolve this deep rooted family trauma....

Anna's best friend is 23 year old Imogen who is heavily pregnant and married to Marcus. He is not the man of her dreams. But he's safe. And safe is what Imogen needs because all her life she's felt abandoned. Initially, when her parents divorced  and then subsequently by Max and Harriet, who became a substitute mum and dad  to her.

About to start her own family, Imogen should be deliriously happy but the grudge she holds against the Villiers obsesses her and she decides it's time for them to pay.

Cleverly manipulating an apparently accidental meeting Imogen tells Max she has received an email from Anna but doesn't give it to him.  This becomes the lifeline Max has been searching for and he doesn't want to lose it.

Max invites Imogen and Marcus to join him and Harriet and their old friend Eddie for dinner the following night. Unbeknown to Imogen it's the tenth anniversary of Freddie's death.

The evening becomes a rollercoaster of twists and emotions, a combination of tragedy and farce. It forces the events surrounding Freddie's death into the open and extracts a devastating admission from Harriet.

In the tradition of Carnage and Festen, Past Imperfect is a family drama with a twist.  Written and to be directed by Caroline Sax, whose multi-award debut, The Fishmonger's Daughter, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and was selected for many prestigious festivals worldwide.  She has over forty theatrical features to her credit as script supervisor.


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